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a fizzgit is a furry black creature that wanders the bush of the lower mainland of vancouver, bc and never stops wailing. he will choose you to be his care taker by wiggling his butt and shooting into the air straight into your arms! once you look into their dopey you fall in love and take them home. fizzgits are males who love forts and staring at walls. they are magical creatures who are in a world all their own. they see things that no one else can see which would make them seem dim-witted, bizarre and downright disturbing BUT once you let these little fuzzballs into your life, there's no turning back.
"Hey, did you see that? The eyes were glowing but I couldn't see anything else!"
"yeah i saw that! It was black and furry, went right past me! I think it was a Fizzgit!
by i_vogue2 February 27, 2011
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