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To give a high five when a good joke or comment is made.
Amy- That singer is as bad as the girl on the first round of American Idol
Me- five it!!
by Meghannn17 October 28, 2007
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Apparently its the highest of high promises between friends and basicly "to five-it" is "to promise"
Person 1: I heard Bob talking trash about you.
Person 2: Seriously?
Person 1: yah.
Person 2: five-it?
Person 1: five-it.
by Ginanmaca April 27, 2006
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To finish a (especially alcoholic) drink.
Yo, Obama! Last day of the presidency. What are you gonna do with that expensive bottle of liquor?
OBAMA: I'm gonna fuckin' five it.
by tedooooooooooo June 18, 2016
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