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It's the time in a relationship -- or even in a job! -- when you gotta open up your options, without waiting for the Seven Year Itch of boredom and exhaustion to set in.

The Five Year Itch is that point where you know that it's more fun to play the field, but you don't want to let go of what you have -- and OMG, seven years is way too long. (Maybe its rly a three year itch)!
Joey usually never said a word more than he had to, but he opened up to his buddy after work, even tho it took five chasers to loosen him up.

"Hey man, after five years on this fukin job and the same five damn years with the same girl, I'm itchin bad, and it's not a shot of antibiotics I need."

"Five year itch, bud", said Greg. "What you need, is some variety in your life.
by ScratchyTheMenace November 29, 2012
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