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When 5 males and 1 female take a rubber glove and each male partaker uses one of the fingers of the glove as a condom. When the first male is done, he removes the finger and passes the glove to another male, who then selects another finger of the glove to use as a condom. When all five fingers have been used, you have successfully five finger fucked a girl.

Also, just one male can five finger fuck a girl alone by using each finger of the glove by himself, either all in the same day, or over a five day span. After all, in these tough economic times, condoms are scarce and difficult to afford.

And there's some twists...

-When finished using all five fingers, either with 4 friends or by yourself, someone has to turn the glove inside out (cum side facing out), put on the glove, and slap the girl once in the face with it.
-When finished using all five fingers, assuming the glove hasn't ripped, someone blows it up like a balloon, puts it on a string, and presents it to the girl. It's kinda like her slut trophy. Extra cool points to the girl if she ties it on her wrist and leaves it there for the day.
Bill from work: Hey Tim, what'd you do this weekend? I bet you and your friends didn't get any pussy as usual.
Tim: On the contrary Bill, me and 4 of my friends five finger fucked a girl.
Bill: 12 coolness points gained.

Girlfriend: Lets have so much sex today.
Boyfriend: But girlfriend, I have not a condom, nor condoms. What shall we do?
Girlfriend: Well I have this rubber glove.
Boyfriend: Score.

Friend 1: Hey come watch this awesome video on the internet.... Five boys, one glove.
Friend 2: No..... actually yeah, okay.
by maximus2149 December 09, 2009
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