(fit-baw) Dialect, Chiefly Scot. -n

1. (m) the beautiful game

2. (f) the stupid game involving 22 grown men (and 3 officials of dubious parentage and eyesight) kicking around a lump of leather around a field, often sparking irrational behaviour, bad language and blind devotion to a team or player, to the detriment of normal marital relations.

(see Fitba' Widow)
by bPratik April 21, 2010
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coming oot to play fitba
I'm going to watch the fitba at Pittodrie on Saturday
by Colin Fyfe September 1, 2003
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Best known according to the wiki, Fitba was apart of a SMP among 60+ content creators. This specific SMP was called "SMPEarth", which started in November 22, 2019 to April 11, 2020.

Although known for being on this minecraft server, Fitba is a content creator on twitch and youtube. Fitba as a person is dedicated to his work and keeps a consistency keeping his audience entertained. This dedication will always be admired by his audience. Truly a great trait of his. You gotta love the ba.
Person A: Doesn't fitba has something to do with soccer or football?
Person B: Lol balls

Person A: Ohh...you're talking about THAT fitba
by enjoyer September 17, 2021
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