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The most normalest normal town of normalville. Located in Hamilton County, this place is ripped straight out of High School Musical. It isn’t that rich, but it isn’t poor either. You’ll get some low middle class people, if you really look you’ll find low class people. But you’ll find a lot more middle class to upper middle class people. It really depends on the area you’re in.

The neighborhoods are pretty stereotypical, some one story houses, some two story houses. However there is a couple mansion neighborhoods here and there. You might be mistaking Fishers for Geist, Indiana or maybe Carmel, Indiana . It’s suprisingly diverse, but it doesn’t do that great in that field. I’d say it’s a normal town that got caught up with the rich snobs of Carmel, Indiana and Geist, Indiana.

By the way no one here rides their bikes on the sidewalk for some reason.
“I’m going to Fishers, Indiana to get some groceries, I’ll be back in a hour or so.”
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by Sneaky Anon July 09, 2018
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Ignore the other two definitions. Fishers is a nice leafy suburb north east of Indianapolis. While Hamilton County GENERALLY is where the upper class live, MOST people are middle to upper middle class. Most teenagers work jobs to pay their phone bills, and car insurance like other kids, though some do drive their parents mustang to school. Ignorantly, many kids who live here believe it is rich. They need to go to the suburbs of Seattle, Chicago, or New York and see what rich actually is. The cops are bored and have nothing better to do than give speeding tickets (I'll let you say if its good or bad). Housing prices are reasonable, property taxes low, FANTASTIC schools (though I have heard HSE is more cut-throat). Its typical, stereotypical, American suburb. Great for Families. Just average people going to work. Typical.
Average Fishers, Indiana Dad: I go to work everyday and make an a decent salary to provide for my family.
Average Fishers, Indiana Mom: The schools are great, and this is a great place for a family.
by Aynonmous October 18, 2013
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An amazing town in Indiana. It's considered a "town" but it's actually the size of a city. An upper-class town. Large, wealthy neighborhoods. Hamilton County offers the best school district in the midwest. They have 2 top-ten high schools in the nation. High class shops and malls. Extremely large town, and it's still growing! People usually compare Fishers and Carmel, when they actually have equal amounts of wealthy people and neighborhoods. It's on the very edge of the midwest, and sometimes considered west coast.
Fishers, Indiana is a great town/city. Lots of hot rich girls and smoking, jock boys. Fishers is for rich people who get good grades, and have money.
by February 22, 2012
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The best town in all of the us. Only rich people live here, so the poor Carmelites can suck it. Only come to Fishers if you have at least 3 million dollars in the bank, if not you can live in a box.

by dennaraned June 11, 2011
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