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Fishers law.(also known as Fisher's Rule of uselessness or Fisher's Lack of credibility). It states: "As someone losing an argument or debate (especially on-line or in the pub) gets more desperate, the probability of using wikipedia or other on-line user based information resources approaches 1. In other words, Fisher observed that, given enough time, in any online/drunken discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably says "I think I read that on-line..."

It also states the probability that wikipedia or any other user based source of information can successfully be used as a credible source of information in any argument or debate is = or < 0.

Fisher's law has been used in an online discussion as a deterrent against the use of on-line user based information sites as a credible sources of factual information in a debate or argument. The rule does not make any statement about whether any particular information is in fact correct, but merely that it is an unreliable source and should automatically render the debate lost and the debater a twat.
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by chancer55 June 29, 2012
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