This is the "new" fad amongst married couples who like to hook up with other people. It was very popular in the 70s and has come back around in the last few years. Every couple who comes to the Fishbowl Party puts their keys in a bowl. Whomever picks your keys out of the fishbowl is who you go home with. Girls may come alone, but it is "risky". It's actually a very good way to lead your relationship toward a break-up and/or divorce.
If you are married and want to hook up with someone other than your spouse head to a fishbowl party and bring your spouse or hold one at your house!
by ActionJackson1 December 31, 2011
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A fishbowl party occurs when a bunch of kids raid their parents' medicine chest of prescription medications before bringing them to a party where they are combined in a fishbowl. The wanna-be druggies then ingest handfuls of the pills.
If you have been invited to a fishbowl party, call in sick.
by waldyrious June 24, 2010
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