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A new yoga sensation on the verge of taking Europe by storm. Although its exact origins are unclear it is believed to have been created in woodlands near Kent, a county in the south of England, after years of dedication by an experimental yoga prodigy. Testing even for the most experienced yoga enthusiast and consisting of some unique moves fish juice yoga is the next big thing to hit the yoga world.
Fish Juice Yoga position include but not limited to: - (Video links to come)

Electric Eel (traditionally involves lots of shaking)
Clam Without Pearl (Thrusting and stretching legs as much as possible)
Clam With Pearl (Same as without pearl but arms must be crossed the whole time)
Stuck Turtle (Like a dog scratching it's back on a carpet)
Panicking Salmon (similar to Electric Ell but involves horizontal movement across the floor)
Peaceful Sea Horse (Full body stretch while moving back and forth on the tips of toes)
by Liot October 01, 2013
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