When a guy, alone in a hotel room, masturbates frantically and just before he busts a nut, puts his penis on the nearest electric outlet and ejaculates into it. He receives a very shocking yet pleasurable electrocution throughout his whole body. Recovery time could take up to 30 minutes.
by 2CHAINZZZ September 9, 2012
Plugging an extension cord into the wall, splicing the cord, wrapping the cord around your dick and jumping into a pool.
1. Well, I just failed a test that will help me graduate college. I am going to electric eel myself.

2. Person #1 "Hey how did you do on that test?"

Person #2 "How about you play the electric eel game.."
by The Man who did this April 2, 2014
First, you sit down to take a crap with an electric charge. Your crap is long enough to touch your asshole and water simultaneously, and the static discharges through the crap, giving you a tingly sensation in the butt cheeks.
It was so dry out today that when I pooped, my electric eel made my ass cheek hairs stand on end.
by skier1437 April 17, 2011
When a man tazes his groin while penetrating a woman (or man) creating a dangerous but satisfying vibrating effect.
Hey John gets out of Jail today, I'm surprised he only served 3 years for giving his girlfriend an electric eel.
by D-Bang February 16, 2016
The act of a man or woman having sex while either:

A. The man tases himself right as he is climaxes which transfers the electric shock to the woman

B. The woman tases herself as the man is climaxing causing him to receive the electric shock

C. The man and woman both tase themselves as soon as one or both of them climaxes
Yeah man, the sparks were flying last night between me and that chick...especially when we did the Electric Eel. I haven't been able to get it up for a week now.
by FattUnit April 11, 2011
The act of leaving a floating turd in someone's hot tub while jerking off at the same time.
The other night, while Curtis was jerking off in Troy's hot tub, he accidentally squeezed an electric eel out.
by Eel Master May 25, 2009
Masturbation ending in an electrical orgasm, as semen connects the circuit between an outlet and your dick.

Essentially, you have to masturbate into an electrical socket/outlet and make sure your aim is good.
RJ: Has Pedro been alone in the room all this time?
AM: Yeah. He's probably doing the electric eel.....
CP: When you jack it with your dick in an electrical socket?
TY: Yeah and your jizz connects your body to the electricity so you get a shock.
All: haha he probably is
by miike jones September 9, 2012