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A common saying amongst Sydney Grammar Boys, "first the tea" is used to imply that you are about to rape someone, or that they are going to be raped by a third party. The logic behind the saying has been lost in time, which recently led to several government inquiries. Scientists were forced to confront the question "first the tea... but then what?". Upon extensive investigation, it was agreed that rape does in fact come after the tea. It can involve all types of tea: hot, cold, green, earl gray, in a teabag and even the raw tea leaves. Common methods include:
Waiting until someone has finished their tea, then calmly reminding them the consequences of their actions.
Or, forcing tea upon someone, then calmly reminding them the consequences of ingesting the tea.
Joseph: "Mannn i just had the best cup of tea with my grandmother"
You: "First the tea, then the rape dude."
Joseph: "Ohhhhh... honey-covered fuck-knuckles".
by monkeygettings November 11, 2009
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