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A First Nation Sensation is a person of indigenous decent of North America, who is absolutely outstanding. These people can multitask anything, hold down a job, family and find time to help others. They know how to make income, put others before themselves and be extremely proud of their culture. They know how to be traditional and have the utmost respect for Mother Nature. These people also take good care of their bodies, that is their temple. They eat food that is healthy for their bodies and they exercise regularly. They also remain humble, for that is the way they were brought up, yet they are fiercely proud of their family and children.
"Paula is a First Nation Sensation, she loves to camp with her children and respect Mother Nature as a part of her culture. She works hard for her family and wants the best for her them, I admire her".

I admire First Nations who love to work hard for their families, its not easy these days, they are a "First Nation Sensation".
by Paige2012 August 04, 2012
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