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The Firewang or firewanging it the subtle art of stealthily sneaking a fire extinguisher (any size will do, preferably a foam one) into the bedroom just before intercourse. Having said fire extinguisher hidden, but at arms reach from your partner. When the time comes casually place your loved one in the finisher (doggy or reverse cowboy preferable for espionage). Yell 'Im going to cum!'. Spin her around, extinguisher at the ready (remember to break seal if a new one) and unleash in her face. This will give you a few seconds to pull your condom off (if you are wearing one of course) manover your johnson back into your partially sighted, potentially peeved, lover and blow your load. Optional as you leave is calling back 'that's Firewang'.
'Why is he looking so pleased with himself?' '
'oh Jamie firewanged the shit out of his ex boyfriend last night'

'So I pull out the the old firewang manover last night and to my shock she was staring right back at me with her own fire extinguisher. We had a 'Firewang off'.

'Are you on the beers tonight?'
'I don't drink, I firewang.'

'Jamie has achieved the perfect firewanging week. 7 in 7 nights. He's a 'firewanimal.'
by (F)red bacardi breezer May 13, 2010
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