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The browser where you can drag anything around and drop it anywhere without anything happening!
Another idea used in Firefox 3 for Internet Explorer 9 to steal. Sweet!
by joncosta14 May 18, 2008
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A decent browser, loads of extensions, ect. It's gained more popularity than any other release of Firefox, and now owns about 40% of the browser market share. Nothing major, just a browser.
I downloaded Firefox 3 yesterday because Internet Explorer is too insecure for me, and Opera is too much great browser to handle.
by Da Milkman June 03, 2009
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The best downgrade Mozilla's ever gone through. Though on the surface it might look good, when you get into it it's way worse than firefox 2.
Person 1: Dude, I got Firefox 3. It sucks!

Person 2: That's why I didn't download it.
by atomicrebirth November 06, 2008
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