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The political equivalent of “Kama Sutra” that even those who are apathetic about or allergic to US politics want to order a copy from Amazon.
Filled with tabloid news about President Trump, his family members, and his administration, “Fire and Fury” is destined to remain #1 on Amazon’s best selling books list for weeks or even months, assuming that the author and the publisher aren’t forced to stop publishing the book.
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by MathPlus January 04, 2018
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Can be referred to as what is unleashed upon after eating a large meal from Taco Bell .
Trump: Every bathroom in America should be prepared to be met with Fire and Fury after this week's taco Tuesday.
by MC Cully August 08, 2017
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What dictator Kim Jong Un and his gang of Kim killers probably need for refusing to halt their nuclear and missile programs and the threat they pose to the world.
North Korea needs more than just a regime change and more trade sanctions for its missile tests; what the dictatorship deserves is nothing short of fire and fury, as tweeted by the 911 president, to get Pyongyang to understand "diplomatic language."
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by MathPlus August 09, 2017
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A painful and surreal psycho-gastrointestinal condition contrived through eating copious amounts of fast food and belching belligerent insults at others while attempting, unsuccessfully, to carry out the office of the president of the United States of America.
The shallow souled orange-haired doofus unleashed his fire and fury, the likes of which the world has ever seen, through the golden cylinders of shame by unleashing his sadly ineffective rants against the good people of the world.
by Tin Cup October 25, 2017
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