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Fionnghuala is an Irish name meaning "awesomeness". Fionnghuala is very sweet, beautiful, funny, sometimes a crazy girl that all the guys would fall for! She has problems pronouncing the letter "L" but apart from that she's a star!
Guy: Wow look at that hot chick, I think she's a Fionnghuala!
Other Guy: Nearly! But not as awesome, a Fionnghuala is awesomecool!
by lcsg September 28, 2014
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Fionnghuala is an Irish name that no one can pronounce or even spell. She is so weird but everyone likes her. She is very trustworthy and you can trust her with your life. Once you get close to he there's no going back, if anyone hurts her friends she's right on the case. She is a great friend, best friend and girlfriend, she is always loyal and never betray you no matter who u are. Shes very good with guys....she understands them and can hang out with them 24/7 without it being awkward 👍
Who's your best friend? -person A
Uh, Fionnghuala...duh! She's suck a good friend I love her sm -person B
by The curious one:) March 26, 2018
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