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To "Finneran" is to commit an act that combines feats of acrobatics with bodily functions as a piece of expressive rage or performance art. Named for Gerard Finneran, the man who, on a flight from Buenos Aires to New York, became incredibly intoxicated and enraged enough to march into first class, lower his pants, mount a drinks cart, and defecate on it before using the cocktail napkins to wipe and walk back to his seat. Mike Tyson summed up Finneranning as follows: “I have nothing but love for a guy who has the brass balls to crap on a drinks cart. Who hasn't been on a flight and wanted to grow a tail on the drinks cart? This Finneran guy is a hero, a legend to all those who take courageous actions that everyone else is too chicken shit to do. ”
Dude! You got so wasted and Jenny's party. You Finneranned in her mom's panty drawer!
by Mr. Depardieu August 17, 2011
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