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this is what happens when your fingers do not listen to your brain when you try to type words on msn, resulting in several typeing mistakes called "typos." It can appear as if your fingers have just spasmed, that is why it is called fingerasms
- brenna(: says:

LAMO soo much fun lats nihgt at taht aewsoemst ptary evre

Ρ˜Ξ­Ρ•Ρ•Ρ–Δ‹αΊ΅ says:

ahaha wowww

- brenna(: says:

typios damn
ahh more typojs
lmao soo much fun last night at that awesomest party ever
there finally, stupid fingerasm i had there
by x0bren0x May 20, 2010
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