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Long abused paedophile who's hobbys include making dark pornos for hardened rapists in prison, it derives pleasure from sex with small innocent children, old people and animals.

Bullied since it was first born, FinalbnceSizzurp goes under a human name "bedsit colin" in a pathetic attempt to blend into repectable human society. As it has no friends, it is forced to try and socialise on internet chat rooms as it is too disgusting to be seen outside.

Ever since daddy first abused it, it has become increasingly pleasured over the occasional anal sex, resulting in its more common nickname "Bucket-Arse". A lifetime of frequent, hard arse sex has produced the twisted nonce it is today with his best "friend" who he prefers to call his "sock puppet" due to his acquired practices he makes it endure.

FinalbnceSizzurp is a phrase most commonly used to describe anyone of a nonce personality, someone with no friends or social life or is just a fucktard freak, cunthead in general.

Use this insult wisely, it is best to only use it on rare occasions as it could cause long term mental damage to anyone branded as it.
Look at that gaybo fuckhead, he's such a FinalbnceSizzurp

That paedo is such a FinalbnceSizzurp

That freak cunt on the chatroom is such a FinalbnceSizzurp
by RAVEGENERATOR January 28, 2008
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