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A Punk Rock band from South Africa. Formed in 2012 by 2 high school friends and later they added an extra member to the group. They sing against topics such as racism, sexism, animal abuse, politics and also wants to encourage people to be different than the mainstream society. People who listens to music and have the same ideas as the norm (labeled by FRTR as slaves of society) are encouraged by the band to stop that mindless habit and be truly unique. FRTR wants to let their voices be heard and strives to make this world a better place to live in.
Slave of society:"I'm gonna listen to that new band Final Rise To Reason, 'cause I wanna fit in like everyone else."
True FRTR fan:"They hate people like you."
Slave of society:"Asshole, why do you say that?"
True FRTR fan:"'Cause you listen to them to be cool!! The band hates fans like you!!!"
by school punk kid March 02, 2014
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