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The moment when a person tries to add the name of their boyfriend/girlfriend to just to show said boyfriend/girlfriend how much they "care". This is then followed by creating an editor profile for the sole purpose of getting that name published. Even though that goes against the guidelines accepted by the editors, said moron then used the Meebo/UD chat room to beg people to publish their word for them. What these n00bs don't seem to understand is that nobody else gives even the slightest shit about their word and will likely deny their word out of spite. Often times the n00b editor is replied to by the more veteren editors with a "hell no", resulting in said n00b to bitch and complain about it, often cursing at the other editors and proclaiming that no matter what happens, his/her word will be published. And just like that they put a target on their own word for the masses to auto-deny. Ohh well n00bs will be n00bs..
*new editor joins* If you see Sarah, publish it for me. *experienced editors* Hell no!!! *Xero_Manifest* Looks like another Final Act of Desperation
by Xero _ Manifest May 26, 2011
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