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In video gaming: the bloody chunks or pieces of a non-player character's or player's body that are gratuitously thrown in multiple directions, often sliding on the ground or hurtling through the air, after being dealt a direct hit with a frag or other high intensity weapon such as the tau cannon or gauss gun introduced in the game Half Life. Also commonly shortened to gibs, however the usage of the descriptive form defined here provides a much more satisfying form of humiliation to the unfortunate recipient of the high energy weapon blast.
Dude, I just got covered in your filthy giblets when I gauss jumped off your head. I think your scrotum ended up in the next room beside your small intestine. Or maybe that's your colon. I don't know; I can't tell. Are you going to respawn now or just leave the server?
by Scythe October 11, 2016
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