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Cat like creature, brought up by cats themselves. Filssan's seem to have a keen cat features aswel as cat skils. Filssan's are known to have a hate for clothing therefore undressing constantly infront of others. Filssan's do not care to let it "rip" in public, but luckly says excuse me, and warns others if it is going to smell. Filssan's are haunted by ghosts, where their main target is the breast area, bringing new scars and scratches on occasional mornings. Filssan's are extremly in love with nikki M, aswell as Moniques.
Yo why does it smell so bad in here?

dont worry about it man, it was probs a Filssan.
by goulagouu May 16, 2011
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A amazing friend, who's always there for you whenever you need them. That one friend that no matter what will hold it down.
Monique: I need a friend right now.
Me: alright ! just call me Filssan :) <3
by qwerty124578369 January 16, 2011
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