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A syndrome most often formed by a majoring in film. Such people suffer from being extremely pompous and believe everything they create is masterpiece.

Some of the most common traits of film kid syndrome include scoffing at anything that you did not have a hand in creating, talking bad about well established Hollywood film makers who actually have a successful career, and pontificating about your own work in a way that makes you sound like the reincarnation of Jesus. Also, a key factor of film kid syndrome is the loss of ability to evaluate your own work and credentials in a way that is nothing short of incredible. If someone does not like your work it is only because they are unable to understand the depth of your creativity and knowledge.

Another side effect of the syndrome involves making bold, unsupported claims about yourself such as, "I am the best film maker in Massachusetts. The reason I didn't get the job is because I am overqualified."
"That kid suffers from major film kid syndrome. He will not stop talking about film, film school, and the stupid movies he has filmed."
by TheLoaf September 21, 2011
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