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ADJ: - Filly-peck-ie-an -
When an individual is in a frequent or persistent good mood and not easily let down by current or sudden events. Someone with a Fillipecian outlook on life has the ability to easily look at the brighter side of a situation without seeming condescending or irritating.
A Fillipecian individual is the kind of person that you would want to be the one to deliver terrible news to you, as it wouldn't seem nearly as bad with he/she/them saying it.
John: Dude, did you hear what Joey got on his physics test?
Nate: Yeah man, he nearly bombed it. How's he taking it?
John: Pretty well, he looks at it as a learning experience and is sure he'll do better next time.
Nate: Talk about a Fillipecian personality.
by PHowie February 25, 2011
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