the act of “insert action” to poachy smalls, it can mean a variety of things so long as it’s applying to the beak aka “poachy”

Ie, to fulfill a task with Poachy or complete an assignment with the aid of poachy/ receiving her help to complete a task

To “fill in the beaks” is , well, TO FILL IN THE BEAKS !
I be blastin that ass like a beak
Make ya poach squeak

Help me clap them cheeks
So I can fill in the beaks

Guy 1: man I gotta finish that philosophy exam, I better fill in the beaks

*calls a chicken over the phone*

“If you are to pass that test you best fill in the beaks”

Without the beak one cannot fill in the beaks
by Gibbygeo February 11, 2022
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