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A person or persons who come from the provincial/rural parts of the Philippines where the general population is very poor and as a result the masses must live off the land: these conditions produce Filipinos who are uneducated in "City ways" or "Street smarts”, not unlike the American hillbilly. They will often refer to anecdotes that are common place for them that they fully believe are the norm for the rest of the world. They are not dumb, just uneducated when it comes to the way the rest of the world operates. (You try growing up without running water!)
(These are actual things said by Filipinos I know personally)

EX 1 Filipina: Why are you buying dog food for that dog? In the Philippines dogs eat only leftovers.

EX 2 Filipino: Where I'm from we are taught that in order to have a healthy baby you must drink a lot of beer, this makes the babies stronger.

EX 3 Filipina: Combining shrimp and chicken in one meal will result in cancer.
by I got you back July 17, 2009
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