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To do MDMA (ecstasy) and Cocaine at the same time. Usually the coke isn't done until the ecstasy has already taken effect since the effects of the coke kick in much quicker. Provides the user with a very upbeat, stimulated, and intense high. WARNING: this is a VERY strong drug combination and is very stressful on the heart and can be overwhelming to many. Do not attempt this unless you are already experienced in doing both ecstasy and cocaine on their own. You have been warned!

- Term originated at EDC Las Vegas 2015.

Guy 1: "Damnnn look at that guys pupils, they're fucking huge and he's going HAM!"

Guy 2: "Yeah he must be figgity flipping right now! Hopefully he doesn't end up in the medical tent!"


Girl 1: "I just had one of the best nights of my life last night even though I almost died!"
Girl 2: "Almost died?! what did you do?!"
Girl 1: "I figgity flipped! It's an amazing combo but god damn it's fucking intense!"
by DM-13 July 07, 2015
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