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Hey Luke, would you like to go fifa-ing with me?
Sure, lets have casual sex.

Dude, they were fifia-ing all night long.
Sweeeet dawg!
by broskinator December 10, 2010
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The act of playing fifa (the football game on ps3, pc, xbox, wii etc)

Dude: Hey man what are you doing??

Guy: Fifa-ing bro.

Dude: Ahh jelly.
by marzipoo September 28, 2012
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The act of having sex whilst playing on FIFA.

Also 'FIFAed'
Good night?
Yeah, had a go at FIFAing!
Oh right, what's that?
Having sex whilst playing FIFA it's amazing.
Did you win?
Nah, couldn't hack it.
by LAD24 February 06, 2011
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