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A pickled german beer with a hint of indian currie flavouring. Favored only by East Germans and despised by most of Europe, grown men have been known to undergo immediate sex changes when drinking only one sip of the fiethen. In fact these men are known as "Fritz" in Germany and have been forced into professions such as prostitution and garbage collecting due to the general public disparagement. Drinking the fiethen while pregnant is highly dangerous and can (if the child survives) lead to children being born with horrific abnormalities. Avoid the fiethen at all costs!
You drank that..... oh my god, now you're a Fiethen.

Get back in your hole Fiethen!

Look its a Fritz Fiethen, run children run!!!

It could be worse, you could be a Fiethen.
by Knowledgeplus September 10, 2010
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