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A free to play MMORPG originally published by Outspark, but then transferred to Gamigo due to Outspark getting sued to hell.

The game has very Anime inspired graphics and a very amazing & dedicated community.

Fiesta Online has many features that are free such as a housing system, kingdom quests, mounts, & you do not have to pay real money to form a guild *cough cough Mabigoni*

The majority of the older and more experienced players are on the server Teva, since this was the first and original server once the game was launched.
Johnny: Hey! Let's download Mabigoni :D

Tyrone: Screw that crap, pay to win as hell.

Anthony: Why don't you guys download Fiesta Online ? It's pretty legit...

Johnny: Is it true that it gets regular updates?

Tyrone: What is this weaboo shit?
by ThatGuyOnWalnutStreet June 07, 2013
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