the highest rank in the British and Commonwealth armies, the highest rank a mere mortal can reach, second only to the Royalty.
General: you called for me sir.

Field marshal: Yes i did General, have ur men charge aimlessly into the line of fire

General: ah, yes sir, just like the charge of the light brigade!
by Her Majesty's servant July 23, 2008
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Grand pimp. Highest ranking in pimpology
"That kid is so pimp hes reached the field marshal rank."
by Anon Man January 31, 2007
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A famous Chicago department store chain first established in 1852. Famous for its excellent service, Frango mint chocolates, State Street flagship store in downtown Chicago, clocks on the corners of the flagship store, and the Tiffany Favrile Ceiling.

In 2006, all Marshall Field's locations became Macy's when they acquired Marshall Field's parent company, the May Department Store Company. The acquisition and name change sparked many protests and a boycott of Macy's by former Field's shoppers.
"If it was something special, Marshall Field's had it"
by Jon Revelle March 23, 2008
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