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FicDinkWix basically just means go away. Come in handy on those days. You know what days im talking about. Your on a chat messenger and people keep randomly sending group messages or even singular messages. You will want to annoy them and tell them to go away all at the same time. FicDinkWix will annoy them because they don't know what it means and they will get frustrated. The go away part is obvious. Here is just a few examples below.

Danielle: I love you
You: FicDinkWix
Danielle: ok...


Bob: Hi would you be interested in a...
You: FicDinkWix
Bob: What?
You: Didn't you hear me I said FicDinkWix
Bob: Anyway...
You: FicDinkWix
Bob: You know what never mind. Goodbye!
by KMagoon February 13, 2010
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