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Pronounced fibb-oh-NA-chee (Comes from the words fibber and liberace put together)
Female version of Fibboudini
1. Someone who is able to avoid trouble by distorting the truth/facts.
2. One who needlessly spins webs of lies for attention, or also to distract people from the real issue at hand. They often also believe they are enthralling and entertaining people as well making themselves feel important and popular.
2. People who "sell" lies or tell stories that are not true.
3. Women who Gossip or exaggerate the facts to make something sound better or more exciting, often creating drama.
Ashley was able to fibbonace her way out of trouble again.

You know someone is a fibbonace when they are supposed to get in trouble but are able to put the blame on someone or something else!
by nannariepoo April 08, 2011
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