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–verb (used with object). The act or instance of hijacking an unprotected WiFi signal from a nearby wireless network without the owner knowing it. Best conducted whilst sitting as inconspicuously as possible near a window to avoid exposure; also because Wi-Fi signals travel better through glass than through solid walls.
1) "Hey John I know you're on the road but I just wanted to see if you got my e-mail."

"Yeah man, I just pulled over in front of some random house and fi-jacked their wireless connection with my iPod to check on it. Looks good."

2) "Hey John how much are you paying for internet access?"

"Actually nothing. My neighbors are dumb enough to leave their wireless network open, so I just Fi-Jack them them all day long."
by Oatmeal raisin the dead February 10, 2010
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When a person or persons take-over a Facebook thread with subject matter unrelated to that thread will now be known as FIJACKING, to do this makes you a FIJACKER.
You'll fijacked my thread!
by Bridge house January 26, 2011
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