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A small Micro-Nation located Adelaide, South Australia. Formed in 2013 it was originally spelled "Fezstijgddiea" but the spelling was changed as the original spelling was very inconvenient. As of May, 2015 Festdidgea's population consists of 6 people. Festdidgea has many sections such as "Old North Festdidgea" and the "Festdidgean Commons". As of 2015 a large pile of bark was placed in Festdidgea and has now been called Mount Festdidgea. Festdidgea is also home to many gangs such as the Death worms, Devilsticks and Happy turtles*. Festdidgea is home to 1 terrorist organisation known as the "Free Festdidgean Militia (FFM). The FFM is shunned by the rest of Festdidgea and as of May 2015 only has 1 active member. Sports is a very touchy subject in Festdidgea and any sporting events carried out by inhabitants of Festdidgea inside it's borders must be first permitted by the Festdidgean Government or by the King of Mexico**. The only sport that is completely legal in Festdidgea is Sleeping Logs. Festdidgea also has a defence forced titled the "Royal Festdidgean Military"***.

*The happy Turtles are now no longer active **Mexico is the name given by Festdidgeans to a nearby piece of land. The King of Mexico is an inhabitant of Festdidgea. ***Military is sometimes replaced by the word Army.
Festdidgea is a really interesting place!
by Festdidgea May 14, 2015
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