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A ferzal is a strange breed of mammal that was created in particularly seedy laboratories by scientists looking to make the next step in sly,sleazy elongated rats. A cross breed between a ferret and a weasel was the likely choice for this and so the ferzal was born.

You will find examples of ferzals in many social groups as an explosion at these labs caused a massive outpour of these creatures into society once they escaped the damaged labs.

You can spot a ferzal by their lack of upper body strength, extremely seedy composure and an unjustified high opinion of themselves. They will fail to stand up for themselves or their friends in volatile situations but later profess the opinion that they could have layeth the smacketh down if they had wanted to.

A common misconception is that the word should be called "fersal".However the use of the letter "Z" is due to the laboratory they were created in being owned by the "Zeal Zeal" corporation.
Hey do you want to call down to vinny shonks?

No fuckin way man, hes a ferzal.....sound enough sometimes though
by mcguire! April 24, 2011
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