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A college in Southwest VA, which a lot of people bash because they don't get it. Ferrum is full of opportunities for entertainment. Boredom is a choice!!! Chill at Trollville with the frat boys, go in to Roanoke, and hang out in Dyer Hall.
Man, that 3-kegger at trollville was awesome. I love Ferrum College
by frankforce September 13, 2011
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A beautiful college located in the mountains of southern VA. Where you can either sit in chapman and bitch about how much fun you're not having or get out there and join a club or organization that will broaden you're college experience. Keep it American with Ī˜XE or fancy with ZĪ˜E. Make sure Officer Wells is on duty and you have a ride or a descent pair of shoes on when leaving trollville. Always make sure the guy your hitting on don't have a girl, bitches don't play. But beware of the mischief and mayhem that may be caused when hanging out with the wrong people... Most of all make sure the shit you talk can be backed up, cause we kill bitches for less where we come from.
Lucy: "Ay yo girr, what we doing tonight at Ferrum College?"
Jennifer: "Let's see what the ZĪ˜E girls are doing tonight, they go super fuckin hard in the paint."
Lucy: "I just got a text, Trollville is poppin'."
Jennifer: "I got the burnettes if you got the sprite!!"

in unison: "LEGGOOOO!!!"
by lilbbyamerica July 24, 2011
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