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The alter-ego and wrestling stage name of Project Runway Season 4 winner, Christian Siriano.

Mentioned in the "Raw Talent" episode, he states that 'Ferocia Coutura' would be his WWE Diva name, and that his signature move would be to spray girls in the eyes with hairspray, and then make an extremely tight ponytail on their heads until they bleed, as he additionally stated on a montage during the Reunion episode.

Possibly the name stemmed from the fact that designer Siriano has a tendency to utter one of his favorite personal catchphrases, "ferosh" (Ferocia), and that he has an eye for a high-fashion, couture (Coutura) aesthetic clearly evident in his designs.
Sweet P.: "Mine's for sure is 'Spread Eagle'. She's very seventies, and her move is 'The Thighs'."

Chris March: "Mine's definitely gonna be 'Wonder Woman', and she smothers men with her large breasts."

Christian Siriano: "Mine's gonna be 'Ferocia Coutura', and her move is... She sprays girls in the eyes with hairspray."

Sweet P.: "Oh my God, that's great!"

Chris March: "I love it!"
by Brent Esarza March 30, 2008
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