A flawless, ferosh, fabulous, and fierce designer on Season 4 of the hit television program, Project Runway.
He's very adorable and insanely talented.
Some of his quotes:

"I'm kind of a novelty, and I'm kind of a big deal."

"I'd rather buy clothes, than buy a bed."

"Elisa, she reminds me of a rain goddess woman. She's like, all spiritual and in the himalayan mountains, she's a little strange."

"Team Star is like, hot, like star, like celebrity."

"Don't these bitches know that I'm.. way better than them?"

"Hell yes, I'm the best."

Ricky: "So what do you think about Steven leaving, or..being eliminated?"

Christian Siriano: "I don't care."

(Chris laughs)

Christian Siriano: "It wasn't like it was ugly because he was using the wedding dress. It was ugly because he made a whole new dress that was ugly."
by &&hearts January 19, 2008
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The ferice winner of Project Runway season 4.
With his attitude & spunk Christian is easily loved.



'she was probably one of the fericest people i know.
that's saying a lot cause i met some feirce bitches up in my life'
that Christian Siriano...one hot feirce bitch.
by mclaura March 11, 2008
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