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Abbreviation of 'fucking nerd'

1) The art of diminishing one's integrity and/or self respect in order to personally gain from the experience.

2) Just totally making a mess of yourself in front of other people.
person 1: 'shit she just drank someone else's urine for twenty quid
person 2: 'it's not as bad as that time she sucked on a dead fish for free drinks though'
person 1 'that's Classic Fenner, what a douche'
by twanggah March 18, 2010
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A pedantic IRC troll with no real friends or personal life. Spends his time trying to show the world photographs that nobody is quite interested in and getting rich from poker!
"That guy's annoying"
"Yeah he's a complete and utter Fenner"
by AlixMerlin October 28, 2008
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a person who appears on the popular tv show soccer am. however does a rubbish cloughie impression.
by SeanX May 21, 2003
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a girl who is completely boy-crazy. she always comes to you for advise and is a great person to look up to.
bro Fenner is soo agg with all her drama

I can't wait to hear Fenner's gossip about her boyfriend!
by ashleyjohnson410 December 06, 2017
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