a non american show about soccer that for some reason is called soccer am instead of football am. its a good show, and that blonde is hot
americans play soccer, everyone else plays football, so why isnt it football am instead of soccer am
by mlove3 January 11, 2009
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The greatest EVER football related programme. On every saturday on sky sports, its worth the cost of sky alone. Has some cool bands n people on it. If you chose not to watch soccer am and call yourself a football fan you need to be shot
Tim Lovejoy is a legend. Helen Chamberlain is a legend who managed to win $400,000 playin her first ever poker competition. Tubes needs a haircut, Rocket needs to grow and Robbie Knox is a tramp!!! Soccer am is life
by FraZ September 30, 2005
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The best tv Programme on saturday morning tv. has people such as little rocket, sheephead, STAN HIBBERT= legend. presented by helen chamberlain + Lovejoy
Barry - Thats a Right Touch, soccer am, barry 9:10 every saturday
by jackbob bill ben January 03, 2006
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Possibly the greatest program ever. Shows football related stuff for 3 hours on a saturday morning. Can a man ask for any more? Features Lee Trundle , our Swansea legend quiet alot. Also, the legendry game called 'Crossbar Challange' where you have to hit the crossbar from the centre spot is one of the highlights.
Trundle did the crossbar challange, the flash c**t!!!
by Sutton November 06, 2004
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the best Tv program. Talks about footy every week, its not american !!!!! and it has FIXTURES MAN ON IT !!!!! Saturdays--
Sky Sports 1 -- 9:00-12:00
"Like theeeeeese" - Fixtures man
by blackmime October 11, 2004
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Cult television programme, based on football. Shown on Sky Sports on Saturday mornings.

Includes Tim Lovejoy, Hellen Chamberlin, Sheephead and the almighty Tubes.
'Light Drizzle!'
by Graeme Cairns November 25, 2003
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D - Day- d al glish - Dalgish
mr and mrs lovejoy
by jojothemonkey January 13, 2005
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