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The feminist movement is an excuse for women to complain about something and ask for things they already have, like equality! Their dumbasses don't have anything to do so they just complain about shit and then influence younger girls to do the same and then get bullied in school for it. If you are a feminist, wise up dick hole! You're more likely to take custody over your child after your husband divorces your dumbass and then with the money he made for you and the child, pay YOU for being a dumbass hoe who does nothing but sit at home and complain because you can't find a job. What a bitch you are! ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
The Feminist movement is bullshit! Do something better with your life! Become gay for all I care faggot!
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by Holy butt cheeks June 12, 2019
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