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Feminisexual, or femini for short, is a sexual orientation in which the person is sexually attracted to someone who has a feminine appearance. No relation to gender or feminism. Feminisexual is close to bisexual and pansexual but feminisexual is the sexual appeal towards a person that is very feminine in appearance. Both sexes, males and females, can be feminisexual, and can be sexually attracted to both males and females that display feminine looks.

A person that is femini is attracted to feminine looks, regardless of sex. Most females would be sexual preference to feminis, long as they aren’t super masculine. And same goes with males that are very feminine, like femboys and twinks. And trans people, usually going from male to female, could also be considered feminine. And some female to male trans people could still have feminine looks to someone that is femini. This can include, but not limited to, people that are cross-dressers, transexuals, transgenders, ladyboys, etc. But mostly FTM traps are the most ideal. Both Pre-Op and Post-Op can be feminine.
Example 1:
(Lisa) Hey Sara I heard you are femini? Is it true?
(Sara) Yup, I thought I might of just been a lesbian this whole time but I still found emo guys hot as hell. Then I found out what feminisexual was and turns out I am femini.
(Lisa) Well turns out I am too because I just find goths and skater guys so cute when they have a feminine slender body and that sexy hair but I still can't say no to a girls lady lumps.
(Sara) Touche

Example: 2
(Chad) Why are you dating a trap? Are you gay now or something?
(Brad) No, I'm femini. So I'm turned on by her feminine looks. Oh and by the way, traps are not gay.
(Chad) Well I'm fine with you being femini and all, but I still think traps are gay.
(Brad) You are going to tell me that gorgeous T H I C C trap booty doesn't remotely turn you on? She is so passable that it took you until I told you she has a dick before you stopped staring at her?
(Chad) Okay I'll give you that, she has a very feminine body. But still, I wouldn't tap that ass unless she was born female. And I still feel that dick makes it gay.
(Brad) Her feminine body and her femdick only makes it cuter.
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by DaTruDefinition August 07, 2017
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