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girl with the name Tyler is a very sweet down to earth person , if you get to know her. She may seem like a tough cookie but deep down she is a super nice person. Usually tall and slim , with very nice hair and eyes. Tyler loves to crack jokes and there is never a dull moment with her. If you are able to "talk" to her, you are one lucky person. When she cares she will point out of wrong things that you do, and help you work to fix it. When she cares she wants her and only her to be your center of attention. And if things don't work out she'll still hyu to make sure you are okay. If she texts you out of the blue don't ignore 'cause that's a once in a lifetime thing. She can be a very petty person but it won't last. Tyler is an amazing and loyal person. She loves to have fun at all times. Usually interacts with those who's initial begins with 'D', 'K', 'A','R'
Guy 1: man isn't she great?

Guy 2: I'm glad that I have a female Tyler to call mine
by sammysocute February 28, 2015
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A female Tyler is a girl named Tyler. Female Tylers are very rare, and if you come across one you are a very lucky person. They are great friends and lovers. They are usually really hot and the life of a party. They tend to be funny, and extremely unique. Female Tylers will always be there for you and put a smile on your face.

They are also extremely skilled in the sheets and are so wild they'll make your head spin!

If you ever get the chance with a female Tyler, don't screw it up!!!
Guy 1: I met this really hot girl at the party last night named Tyler
Guy 2: You should try to hit that! Female Tylers are great in the sack!
by Dillon McEdwardington August 03, 2011
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