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10 - Perfect everything.
9 - Perfect in everything besides one feature
8 - Great everything.
7 - Would be great but missing something important (ass, smile, etc.). Decent looking
6 - Ugly, but still fuckable
5 - Ugly, but has a tolerable personality

4 - Ugly everything.
3 - Really ugly everything

2 - Absolutely hideous physically. Never even want to think about her
1 - Absolutely hideous everything
"What would you rate her on the Female Attractiveness Scale (1-10)?"
"She's a solid 8"
by unknownsender28 September 06, 2016
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1-Unrealistically Ugly
2-Absolutely Appalling
5-Kinda Ugly
8-Eye Catching
9-Very Beautiful
Female Attractiveness Scale (1-10). I would say she is about a seven which is about average.
by RealDavey September 12, 2016
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A scale used to measure the attractiveness of women with 1 being the lowest or ugly as all get out and 10 being the highest or beautiful
On a female attractiveness scale (1-10) Megan fox is a complete 10 and their nappy headed crack ho looking thing on the corner is a 1 and that girl that ain't ugly or pretty just plain is a five
by Capshelby01 September 19, 2016
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