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A Female American, Particularly known for her hypocritical, selfish and insultive comments. She will most likely argue and fight with you, and then after a length of time apologize and blame her medication. She will also talk to you, only to tell you that she is going out in less than five minutes, and only wishes to brag about the location she is headed too.
She is also bisexual, and tends to have a whorish relationship status. Going out with people, before dumping them and the next day going out with somebody else. She is also very demanding, and acts as if she is the boss
"So. Things didn't work out with me and Alex. So we broke up, and I asked Veronica out again. She said yes. :)"
"God. your such a Felley"

"Do you want to bitch at Vicky with me? God I hate her so much. How can anybody like her"
"Ask yourself: How can anybody like a Felley?"
by TheCheeseyOnion October 16, 2010
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