Based on a woman's age, this scale classifies women (who prey on younger men for their sexual appetite) as felines.

The scale is as follows:

Age 0-12: Housecat
Age 13-17: Bobcat
Age 18-21: Wildcat
Age 22-29: Lynx
Age 30-39: Puma
Age 40-49: Cougar
Age 50-59: Jaguar
Age 60-68: Panther
Age 69: Pussycat
Age 70-79: Cheetah
Age 80-89: Leopard
Age 90-99: Tiger
Age 100+: Lion
Jessica Biel is a Lynx on the Feline Scale, but Heidi Klum, Demi Moore, Jane Seymour, and Dame Judi Dench are classified as Puma, Cougar, Jaguar, and Cheetah, respectively.
by Eightball Jedi January 13, 2009
In order to be in this category you have to be a bad ass Bitch who is 5 years or older than your boyfriend and able to pull them easily.
18 -24- Kitten

24 - 33- Bob Cat
33 -38- Lynx

38 - 48- Cougar
48-58- Cheetah
58-& up- Saber tooth tiger
Man I want a Cougar/ Real Feline Scale in my life.
by The real Guru July 29, 2018