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1; feelshasaki is a constant state of self depricating doubt, its when one lives with the constant fear of feeding in their bronze promos, when one is considered beyond saving and learns to accept their state of suckishness
2 ; When you fail a play so bad it can be considered less than bronze, we call this a Hasaki.

3; FeelsHasaki is a derivative that is used Colloquially like FeelsBadMan but specifically for a league friend that is straight inting.
Hasaki '' oh no i died again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ''

You '' Feelshasaki ''
"hey man, last night my dog pissed on the couch"

"feelshasaki dude"
'' Just got layed off last night from work ''
'' Feelshasaki honey ''
'' nobody takes me seriously ... Feelshasaki
'' I have nobody to flex with ''

'' Feelshasaki''
by Mosheru January 19, 2018
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