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The term giving to hooking up that does not involve anything going into anything else. Just feeling eachother up. Typcially does not reappear after 8th grade.
Mike: Yeah we hooked up but it wasnt a big deal.

Friend1: Did you guys bang?

Mike: No

Friend2: Some head?

Mike:No, she touched it for a second.

Friend1:....Did you fingerbang her?

Mike: uh, nope. Didnt see her boobs either.

Friend2: Sounds like a waste of time.

Mike:...I mean we hooked up.

Friend1: Looks like we have a genuine Feeling Game going on here.

2nd Example

Tay: That prude Megan wont do shit. She's all about the Feeling Game.
by Doug Flutie January 08, 2009
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